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Come join Melinda for the one day Level 1 Reiki Class. 

Reiki is the ancient Japanese technique used for stress reduction as well as for physical and emotional healing. REI meaning wisdom or higher power. KI meaning life force energy. Reiki is an incredibly simple practice yet powerful and transformative for all areas of your life. Melinda offers her knowledge of this ancient practice, having used this sacred technique for decades. 

This one day course is the beginning level of Reiki training. You will discover your ability to tap into your own personal energy healing abilities. 

Class for Reiki I includes lecture, discussion and experience in the following:

1. Learn the history of Reiki
2. Energy awareness of the body’s energy systems
3. Learn instruction on how to practice self-healing with Reiki
4. Receive Reiki I Attunements
5. Receive your Reiki I Certification

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